glass factory and got consumption--it's awfully unhealthy work--

I picked him up very gently by one leg, and dropped him out

of the John Grier Home (as you doubtless know and heartily approve of) I might as well write letters to Dear Hitching-Post or Dear Clothes-Prop. Here is your portrait:

in my education as such? I hope you appreciate the delicate shade Montgomerys or the Virginia Montgomerys.

My childhood was just a long, sullen stretch of revolt, and now I am

However, I wasn't begging! And I would rather not accept any more

And I think you'd

You will have to wear it on cold days and keep your coat buttoned

The poor box.

adversity and sorrow and disappointment develop moral strength.

set with tooth powder (very uphill work), and sawing off picture

Well, the poor old soul is dead--last winter of pneumonia. I went